1. How many countries can we reach?



Answer:we can reach every country.



2. When will the tracking number be sent?



Answer: in general, the package tracking number is sent within 24 hours, and the package tracking number is sent within 36 hours on the special festival.



3. When can the package arrive?



Answer: it usually takes 7-9 days forpackage to arrive in the United States. Special festivals are more slow for 2-3 days. If you choose to use DHL transportation, it will be 2 days faster.



4. What does the product have to do with the problem?



Answer: if the product is damaged, we will help you replace the new product.



5. The problem of refunds?



Answer: if you do not like our product, you need to return the product, we can refund. When we receive the product, the money will return to the credit card automatically.

Concrete scheme need wholesale, can contact our E-mail.